You stand on a path on your way to hike a mountain top. You know how amazing you will feel when you reach the top. Many but:s and if:s stand in your way. You might be unsure of the route and need some support. We love a challenge. We will join you on your walk uphill. We help you safely reach the finishing line, sharing the immense joy of standing on top overlooking the wonders of the world.

Digistrada – your passionate, global, digital mountaineers

“It has been a pleasure working with Joakim Ahlen on several projects of great importance.

Joakim has an excellent skill set within computer programming, which he elegantly combines with solid business knowledge and a great personality, into a very unique combo in the tech enviroment.

While Joakim has been managing our systems and development projects, he has lifted our service experience while implementing new functions and improving stability. ”

– Jes Nordentoft, Nordic Business Development Manager at Hjem-IS Nestle Danmark A/S

“First of all, Joakim is essentially a brilliant developer and systems architect. As a person Joakim is kind, reliable and honest. He is ambitious, and always delivers high quality results. Even though we now work for different employers, we have remained close friends.

When I left Kartena, Joakim took over as CTO. I was very pleased that he was given a chance to develop the managerial qualities I had seen in him all along, and I have since then followed his impressive journey from the sidelines”

– Martin Holmgren, Senior IT Project Manager at Norconsult Astando