Use social media to buzz, capture and engage more people at your next event (before & after)

Do you know how to promote your events through social media? What channels are best to reach your participants, what techniques have proven effective, how to generate excitement and fill the seats, or what to do after the event is finished? No, then we can help socialize your events by:

  • Participant & influencer research
  • Creating a social strategy
  • Knowing which social media tools to use and when to use them
  • Developing a content and publishing plan
  • Live blogging, posts, video and twitter feeds
  • Post event follow up

CASE: World Transplant Games 2011

team-awoque-wtg2011 logotyp world transplant games 2011

 The World Transplant Games used social media to successfully engage with a wider global audience.

To promote the games and its key messages to a lager audience, the Swedish committee for the World Transplant Games (WTG) selected Awoque to take charge of social networking. We relished the challenge and set about developing a comprehensive strategy, educated staff and volunteers, concepted campaigns, set monthly content and publishing plans, created the blog, established and managed all social channels. We also set-up and ran the entire (global) project internally through Facebook Groups.

In nine months of social media coverage the WTG in Göteborg reached over 500 000 post views on Facebook and 24 000 views from 258 broadcasts on the WTG Bambuser channel. Just as impressive the WTG continuously engaged with 1 200 members, their families and  friends on various channels providing support and information between organisers, fans, participants and their families.

“World Transplant Games Federation was extremely impressed with the social media communication initiatives introduced at the 18th World Transplant Games in Sweden in 2011 – the web/online communication was imaginative, exciting and effective….The best ever for our Games”, says Olivier Coustere, president.

CASE: UNESCO – Mobile Learning Week 2013
unesco saltsman edvard ahlen awoque unesco mobile learning week 2013

Global contacts lead Awoque to a mission to aid with the The Unesco Mobile Learning Week. The conference ”aims to explore mobile learning as a unique and significant contribution to achieving the Education for All (EFA) goals of increasing education access, quality and equality.”

More than 280 000 twitter accounts reached with #mlw2013. A pleased Unesco Programme Specialist in Mobile Learning, Steve Vosloo says:
– I really want to thank you for all your help throughout the Symposium. The social media was very active and well managed – we have had lots of compliments.

Here you can view some of the action in a photo album we provided at the Unesco ICT Facebook>>