We live in a world where you can share your adventures with everyone, instantly and get new friends. Shouting messages from the mountain top for everyone? You simply will not be heard. To reach your fans and share the great achievement, our advice:

  • Why would people come with you on this mountain tour?
    (What is your Why? Watch Simon Sinek’s Why-speech on TED for inspiration)
  • Talk to your fans like you would with your friend hiking with you.
  • Share insights on the way. Have conversations and be curious (research)
  • Reflect around the camp fire your friendship and commitments, how was the first day on the trail, how can you do better tomorrow? (analyze)
  • Reach the top together. Share joy with your fans and friends first. Together we can do it all.
  • Share your story about your adventure with the world (socializing events)

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