Seeking global mountaineers for your project?
The Atlas model fills the gap between employing developers for in-house projects and off-shoring your IT-projects.


Agile projects are constantly re-prioritized to promote the most business critical tasks. The Atlas model focuses on the less critical tasks that frees time for your staff to work on the business critical issues – the ones you’re not able to prioritise.

System architecture and project management are done in close collaboration with the customer.

This is how it works:

  1. Digistrada discusses project with customer and draws up architecture and guidelines
  2. The architecture is written into a specification, especially made for the global freelancer market, to avoid as much confusion as possible and ease language and cultural differences.
  3. A bidding process starts where freelancers bid on the project (3 – 10 days)AtlasModel1-3
  4. The selection process is done with the customer, which selects the best possible team for your project in relation to their bid. Lowest bid is usually not the best!
  5. The project is started, and Digistrada handles all communication with the customer and freelancers. The Atlas model uses regular follow ups and milestones to ensure we are on track.
  6. On project completion – an evaluation is done to see that all requests were met in accordance to wishes. An eventual round of adaptations and additions is planned using the same team.


Why should you use the Atlas model?

Because traditional development projects are expensive and often out of control. Because sometimes, the projects that will save you a lot of hours in the end, just never gets to the top of your priority list. Our model changes the way we think about development projects using these mindset changes:

  • Select teams among the talent and skills of millions of people, instead of being restricted to the talent among the employees and consultants around you.
  • Architecture and planning is done near the customer, execution is done globally. This means more business value for you.
  • Innovative business models means lower risks for you. You can choose your budget.

What projects are best suited?

The Atlas Model is growing, eventually all types of projects will be able to be run successfully. Projects that benefit most from using this model are:

  • Smaller projects, size between 50-500 hours
  • Projects with a clear start and end
  • Projects which are constantly being pushed down the priority list, but would free time from
  • your staff to work on the top priorities
  • Examples:
    • Administrative tools which today requires deep technical skills (user administration tools, report functions et.c.)
    • Recurring tasks that can be automated (monthly reports, billing data, weekly data cleanup tasks)
    • Optimizations which require special skills (database index optimizations, web server tuning et.c.)
    • Standalone web UI:s which implements an API
    • Web design or graphic design which can be run as a competition to get many contributions. You choose the best.

Do you like it?

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